Robotics World

What is the Robotics World?

Robotics World is a full year course (48 lessons) where students will learn about the basics of robot design, motors and sensors usage. With a project based curriculum, students will be challenged with tasks which allow them to exercise their engineering and coding skills.

  • Designed for Age 8 and up

  • Focuses on robot design, coding and creative problem solving

  • Learn about how robots work and the logic behind the programs

Learning and Teaching Equipment

We believe learning should be fun and interactive. Therefore we have been using LEGO Education Products as our primary tools since 2011. By using LEGO parts for learning, students will gain more confidence because they are using the familiar parts, and also have infinite possibilities to create their models and solutions.

Equipment that we use in class:

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678)

Student Workbook

To keep track of their progress, design and debugging

*Students are required to bring in their own LEGO Education Set and iPad/Computer to class.*


The Robotics World Program is a full year course where students will learn about the basic of robotics, coding and design engineering process. Learning from real life situations and forming their own creations, students will be able to make sure of their engineering skills to build their one of a kind solution.

Students will learn engineering building techniques from constructing with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Robotic Set and furthermore develop their own technique to enhance the function of the robot.


Robotics World is a progressive curriculum where a group of students will build up their skills together throughout the whole year. Therefore the class will only open up for enrollment at the beginning of each quarter. Please fill in the Trial Class form below to reserve your seat when the next term starts.


Want to join our Trial Class?

For you to learn a bit more about our program, we are pleased to offer a 1 Class trial enrollment of $350 to let your child fully experience our interactive learning programs. You child will be put into our regular class so reservation is needed.