Robotics Club

What is the Robotics Club?

Robotics Club is designed for experienced students to explore beyond the traditional structured curriculum. With yearly topics from the world famous Robotics Competitions (WRO and FIRST) and other open-ended projects, students will strengthen their engineering skills and programming skills. 

Learning and Teaching Equipment

We believe learning should be fun and interactive. Therefore we have been using LEGO Education Products as our primary tools since 2011. By using LEGO parts for learning, students will gain more confident because they are using the familiar parts, and also having infinite possibilities to create their models and solutions.

Equipment that we use in class:


All Robotics Club students are required to bring in their own Robotics set, fully charged battery and their own computer/tablet to class.


Robotics Club has a specially made curriculum to tailor each student's need. Based on their experience and personality, students will be put into teams to practice for competition. And when we are outside of the competition time frame, we will work on individual projects to tackle real life problems.

Schedule (students are expected to stay in their assigned time-slot during team practice)

Group A - 12:30 - 13:55 (every Saturday)

Group B - 16:30 - 17:55 (every Saturday)  

Group C - 17:30 - 18:55 (every Friday)


Robotics Club is not open for Trial Class. All students must complete Robotics World in order to qualify for this level.