Regular Programs

Our weekly Regular Programs focuses on hands-on and open end problem solving topics for students starting at Age 3. With the use of LEGO Education Sets, your child will be engaged with topics that are designed for their age. With different challenge given weekly, the students will have a chance to practice their skills and create their idea with their hands.

Our Teaching Philosophy


Every lesson start with a discover. To find out about the surroundings, to learn about how everything works and most importantly to engage the learners by waking up their curiosity to know more.


To explore different possibilities and try new things. If it doesn't work then break it and build it again. "Break and build, break and build"


To bring your ideas to live! Elaborate, reflect and continue to expand on the idea.


All learning should be fun and playful. We encourage our learners to play with their own creation and invite others to play. Playing can strengthen learner's understanding and confident, and also create an opportunities for them to observe their creation and improve for next time.

Our Programs

Robotics Club

Put your skills through challenges (Prerequisite: Robotics World)

Robotics World (Age 8+)

Learn about the basic of Robots with LEGO Education MINDSTORMS

Inventor (Age 7+)

Learn about the basic of Machines and Mechanism

Code Creator (Age 6+)

Introduction to Basic Coding and Machines

Innovator (Age 5+)

Learn about the simple machines, fantasy adventure with LEGO bricks

Creator (Age 4+)

Learn about the STEAM and physical coding with LEGO Education Set

Explorer (Age 3+)

Learn about your surroundings, friends, family and animals with LEGO DUPLO bricks (Age 3+)

Want to join our Trial Class?

For you to learn a bit more about our program, we are pleased to offer a 1 Class trial enrollment of $350 to let your child fully experience our interactive learning programs. You child will be put into our regular class so reservation is needed.