What is the Inventor Program?

Inventor is a story based curriculum where students will learn how to utilize the LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime to invent different solutions to the problems in the story.

  • Designed for Age 7 and up

  • Build and explore real life models, and learn how they work

  • Investigate on Simple and Powered machines

  • Learn about Observation, Experiments, Calibration and Recording

  • Creative problem solving with open-ended lessons

Learning and Teaching Equipment

We believe learning should be fun and interactive. Therefore we have been using LEGO Education Products as our primary tools since 2011. By using LEGO parts for learning, students will gain more confident because they are using the familiar parts, and also having infinite possibilities to create their models and solutions.

Equipment that we use in class:

LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime Set (45400)

All students are required to bring in their own set for class

Student Workbook

To record their design, experiment and findings


The Inventor program contains 48 topics and are grouped into 4 different workbooks. Each workbook introduce a new adventure for the students to dive into, and seek out solutions to help the characters in the book.

Students will learn the concept of simple machines (Gears, Pulleys, Lever, Wheels and Axles) and apply them onto their creations. From following building instruction to tackle open-end problems, students will learn about the basic engineering designing, testing and troubleshoot.


Quarter 1 - January to March

Quarter 2 - April to June

Quarter 3 - July to September

Quarter 4 - October to December


Each quarter has its own progressive curriculum therefore we will only take in new students on the first 2 months of each quarter.


Want to join our Trial Class?

For you to learn a bit more about our program, we are pleased to offer a 1 Class trial enrollment of $350 to let your child fully experience our interactive learning programs. You child will be put into our regular class so reservation is needed.