Holiday Programs

Our Holiday Programs are specially designed for Students who are seeking for some holiday fun. While it may be short but it is definitely packed a punch, and filled with engaging contents and holiday spirit. Available during Summer and some other occasions, our holiday programs will definitely bring an educational, fun and hands-on experience to all students.

Our workshops utilize LEGO® Education Sets as a teaching tool, encouraging students to use their hands to create and explore STEM topics that spark their interest. This Summer Holiday, we have prepared programs for the following age groups:

Age Group

Age 5 to 6

Age 6 to 7

Age 8 and up


We're excited to offer three different topics for each age group this year. If you're interested in experiencing all three topics, we have an example enrollment plan that you might want to consider.

Summer Program (90 mins x 3 days) : HKD1500/student/workshop

Example enrollment 2-Day plan: 

Age 6-7 Creator 03-05 July 2024 WEDNESDAY to FRIDAY 11:30 -13:00 Rescue Heroes

Age 6-7 Creator 16-18 July 2024 TUESDAY to THURSDAY 11:30 -13:00 Smart City

Age 6-7 Creator 23-25 July 2024 TUESDAY to THURSDAY 11:30 -13:00 Robo Carnival

Total cost: HKD4500

What to bring to class?

How to enroll?

The pictures shown are for reference only. Actual lesson may vary.