Holiday Programs

Our Holiday Programs are specially designed for Students who cannot join in our Regular Weekly Program. While it may be short but it is definitely packed a punch, stuffed with contents and holiday spirit. Available in Summer and some other occasions, our holiday programs will definitely bring an educational, fun and hands-on experience to all students.

It's a wrap! See you in the next holiday.

Stay tuned for Christmas Workshop 2022

This year we have prepared a fun and playful STEM workshop for students from Age 5 and up. We have for

Age 5 to 6 Explorer - explore different simple machines

Age 6 to 7 Creator - experiment with simple coding and machines

Age 8 and up Mechanic - dive into the world of robotics and advance mechanisms

Our program is designed to cater the interest of different age groups and with the use of LEGO Education Sets as a teaching tool, students get to be involved in STEM topics and encourage them to use their hands to create.

Check out our Easter Program below.

Choose the Age Group


Age: 5 to 6

Equipment: LEGO Education Simple Machines Set and various LEGO System and Technic Bricks

Teacher to Student ratio: 1:8

Maximum # of Students: 10

Program: CREATOR

Age: 6 to 7

Equipment: LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

Teacher to Student ratio: 1:8

Maximum # of Students: 10


Age: 8 and up

Equipment: LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

Teacher to Student ratio: 1:8

Maximum # of Students: 10

What to bring to class?

  • Water bottle (stay hydrated!)

  • A light jacket (In case the AC gets too cool)

  • iPad or Android tablet for coding and recording

How to enroll?

  1. Click on the following button will send you to an online application form

  2. Fill out the form and choose the appropriate program for your child

  3. Once you have completed the form, press submit

  4. A follow up email or message, will be send to you with payment methods

The pictures shown are for reference only. Actual lesson may vary.