About Us

Our Story

We are a group of passionate educators who believes that learning should be fun, open ended and hands-on. With over 10 years of experience in teaching and training with tools such as LEGO Education Sets and Robotics, we are dedicated to promote an enjoyable learning environment for all teachers and students alike.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" ~Albert Einstein

We are previously known as Semia | LEGO Education Afterschool Programs. After 10 years of partnering with LEGO Education and promoting STEM learning, we are now parting ways with LEGO. Although we can no longer carry the brand name but this doesn't change our goal and purpose on different ways to learn.

We learn something new everyday, no matter how old you are and who you are.

What we do?

We are experienced in providing training on S.T.E.A.M Education to all kinds of customers. From students to parents, teachers and companies.

Looking to host an events with LEGO bricks? Or looking for classes for your child? Check out our homepage to know more.